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Quality and Assurance Performance Group / Audits

The role of the Quality Assurance and Performance Group is to provide, on behalf of Our Safeguarding Children Partnership, an objective overview of the effectiveness of child safeguarding across individual organisations and multi-agency partnership working. 

The Quality Assurance and Performance Group:

  • Monitors multi-agency data to assess the effectiveness of help being provided to children and families
  • Oversees the multi-agency audit process
  • Monitors issues identified through Quality Assurance and Scrutiny Panels
  • Develops new ways of determining and commenting on effectiveness

 Audit programme 2020-21

Focus (lead) Dates
Audit 1 Vulnerable Adolescents  - general review of VA cases with a focus on identified areas for development Q1 April – June 2020
Report to QA&P Follow-up on the medical needs of CSA victims (extended dive into cases (Working Group) April 2020
Audit 2 Vulnerable Adolescents – non MACE children with identified exploitation needs – including Transition cases (MEG) Q2 July – Sept 2020
Report to QA&P Follow on report from Audit action plan (Neglect SG) and longitudinal study. July 2020
Audit 3 tba Q3 Oct - Dec 2020
Audit 4 Review of findings (To include review of effectiveness of information sharing) Q4 Jan – March 2021

Quality Assurance and Performance Group terms of reference


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