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How To Get Involved

Working with children and young people;

  • developing ways for you to share your views
  • ensuring that your voices are heard by OSCP
  • and that your perspective and experience is considered through all the activities of the partnership 

For example…

We recently held a conference based on things that children and young people had to say about feeling safe and unsafe in Cornwall.  Click here for a video of their feedback and this is our response to what we have heard so far...

Listening to and hearing from black and ethnically diverse children and young people in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

On Saturday 30th September we had a stand at the Celebration of Culture in Truro +

For you to tell us -

What do you need to feel safe?

We are seeking input and feedback.  We want to focus on and involve you in shaping safeguarding services across Our Safeguarding Children Partnership.  If you’d like to be more involved, register your interest to become part of our advisory group, we’ll work in ways you feel comfortable to express yourself through Art Nature Sport Drama Film Writing – you decide…Email: ciosscp@cornwall.gov.uk Tel: 01872 224552

Safeguarding children and young people with disabilities

'Top Tips When Communicating with me' from half day partnership conference +

At our last event children and young people asked us to work on
  • Promoting enabling attitudes from early on (child to adulthood)
  • Raising awareness of barriers (physical and attitudinal)
  • More training for those working with C&YP with disabilities
  • Communicating in a variety of accessible formats
So, we held a half day conference for colleagues across the partnership, where we focussed on inclusive communication when safeguarding children and young people with disabilitiesThese were the 'top tips' from children and young people.

The Youth Council are now recruiting!

Read more here +

Cornwall Youth Council is a group of young people, who reside within the boundaries of Cornwall and would like to advocate for a better future for them and other children and young people in Cornwall. Whilst there is an existing Youth Council, members have reviewed their current membership and roles and have voted to restructure to be more representative from both a geographic and diversity perspective. The first part of this restructure is to elect 12 young people from the six constituent areas in Cornwall.

youth council

Please apply by 3rd December 2023.  More information available here

Other work...

How we refer to you

In England you are legally defined as a child until you are 18, and if you are leaving care you are entitled to support until you are at least 21 (24 if you are in higher education).  To cover the whole range of age groups we currently refer to you as "children and young people".  However, a suggestion from a small group was that they prefer the term ‘young adults’ to ‘young people’.

Vote in our online poll to tell us what you think...


  • Some focussed work with children and young people on the Isles of Scilly
  • How we hear and understand the living experience of children and young people affected by domestic abuse


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Getting Involved: 

We want to work with children and young people to develop and put in place ways for you to share your views, ensuring that your voices are heard by OSCP and that your perspective and experience is considered through all the activities of the partnership. If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a member of an advisory group or being involved in future one off activities do have a look here or contact us

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How we refer to you - tell us which term you prefer...