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I have nowhere to live

Sometimes things get really tough at home and you feel that you can't live there any more; you may even be asked to leave.

In Cornwall, workers from Social Care and Housing have a legal duty to work together to support you. This is either to stay at home and help things improve or to look for an alternative home for you.

Being homeless can mean living on the streets, but you can also be homeless if you have a place to stay. Childline explains that you can be considered to be homeless if you're:

  • sleeping rough on the streets
  • staying temporarily with a friend or family or 'sofa surfing'
  • living with your family in temporary accommodation
  • living in a B&B
  • squatting in a property.
  • You could also be considered homeless if you're able to stay at home but are unsafe, because you're being hurt or abused.
  • Sometimes young people are tricked, forced or persuaded to leave their homes and are moved and then exploited, forced to work or sold.  Child trafficking | Childline

If you become homeless, or you are worried that is going to happen, it is important that you seek help. You can:

  • Speak to someone at school or college 
  • Tell your social worker or youth worker if you have one
  • Call Cornwall Housing on 0300 1234 161 or visit a One Stop Shop, where you can call Housing for free 
  • Call the MARU - people in Cornwall Children's services who can give advice and help on 0300 123 1116 during the day or 01208 251 300 after 5pm and at weekends 
  • Got a housing problem?  Shelter can help. Understand your rights and get the support you need.

Here is a link to advice about what to do and what you should expect if you need housing support....

Legal Advice - your rights if you are homeless


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