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Tackling Child Exploitation

Tackling the exploitation of children and young adults in Cornwall is a shared priority of Our Safeguarding Children Partnership, Safer Cornwall and the Safeguarding Adults Board – follow the link for further information on tackling the exploitation of children and young adults. (Cornwall Exploitation Strategy)

Child Sexual Exploitation leaflet

Tackling Child Exploitation (TCE) +

Website and Resources:

Tackling Child Exploitation Support Programme 

Tackling Child Exploitation and Extra-Familial Harm - New practice principles to support professionals 

Adolescence and Exploitation: Learning Pathway 

Child Sexual Exploitation: Practice Tool (2017) 


Exploitation of Boys and Young Men 

Safeguarding Children and Young People from Exploitation 

Adolescence and Exploitation: Learning Pathway Reflections 

Intra-Familial Child Sexual Abuse 

Children Society - Resources for Professionals 

Children Society - Child Exploitation Language Guide 

A new online resource  developed by the Tackling Child Exploitation (TCE) Support Programme supports cross-sector leaders achieve system change in tackling child exploitation.

Child exploitation does not fall neatly into categories or types of abuse, nor does exploitation correspond exclusively to particular professional backgrounds, or to one agency above another. The new resources featured on the dedicated TCE support programme website are structured around key topics to provide a cross-cutting understanding of exploitation. It includes:

  • Evidence – primary and participatory research, data and practitioner perspectives to highlight what is known (and not currently known) about the nature, impact and effective responses to exploitation.
  • Local responses – policy briefings, partnership facilitation tools, data and more designed to support areas to develop their own bespoke response to child exploitation.
  • Joining the dots – strategic resources to constructively challenge and prompt new and innovative thinking.

Resources on emerging issues will also be featured as and when the knowledge base is built in this area. The TCE Support programme is welcoming resource submissions to consider from across the sector; please share these via the call for practice form.

View the tackling child exploitation resources (open access).

Tackling child exploitation – leading with care, blurring boundaries and holding complexity, uncertainty and curiosity (BLOG)

Appropriate language use in relation to Exploitation - a document which provides guidance on the avoidance of victim-blaming language or any implication that a child or young person is complicit in exploitation

.Language use info


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