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I want to run away

Sometimes life at home or school gets really hard and you may think about running away. There are lots of reasons that you may feel like running away including not feeling listened to, cared for or loved by your family, seeing and hearing family members fight or have problems like mental health or substance issues. It may be that you are being hurt by someone at home or bullied at school.

Feeling like running away is normal, but it is not always a solution. Sometimes home isn't a safe place to stay in, but it is important that you know that running away can also lead to you being in danger in the community, including being exploited by other people.

There are people who can help you - watch the video for practical suggestions or call the Childline number 0800 1111 to talk.

Here is some advice from Childline about what to do if you are thinking about running away or have run away.


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