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How can I help keep my child safe?

It’s up to all of us to keep children safe. Take this free, 10-minute digital training from the NSPCC and learn what to do if you’re ever worried about a child or their family Listen up, Speak up 

There's no such thing as a perfect parent. One day all's calm, the next it's chaos. However it's going, the NSPCC provide advice and support for parents and carers.

  • These parenting programmes from Cornwall Council are workshops and / or groups that support you with some of the challenges of being a parent. Parents tell us that they learn a great deal from each other and enjoy the support that a group provides. We offer a selection of free workshops, whatever the age or needs of your child.
  • More free online training for parents and parents to be, developed to support emotional health and well-being in the early years and up to adulthood  available here

In the tabs on the left of this page you can find more information about different risks, how they may impact children and young people and where to go for more help, support and advice.


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