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These pages are particularly relevant for safeguarding professionals. 

Additional links which may be useful:

  • Online Abuse and Bullying Prevention Guide - developed for professionals who work with young people to help them understand what constitutes abusive behaviour online, the consequences of that behaviour, and where they can get help. (NSPCC 2015)

  • Sexting in Schools and Colleges - The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) Education Group has published non-statutory advice for schools and colleges on responding to incidents of sexting. This includes responding to disclosures; handling devices and imagery; risk assessing situations; involving other agencies; information about preventative education; working with parents; reporting imagery to providers. (UKCCIS 2016)

  • Teaching online safety in school (DfE 2019)The Department for Education published this non-statutory guidance that outlines how schools can ensure their pupils understand how to stay safe and behave online as part of existing curriculum requirements.

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