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My responsibility for safeguarding and how to raise concerns appropriately

Protecting children and young people from harm is everyone’s responsibility. Taking action when you have concerns is an important part of professional practice, but sometimes it’s difficult to be confident enough to raise concerns appropriately.

The most important thing is to remain focussed on the safety of the child or young person.

If you have immediate concerns or are worried about a child or young person's safety, please telephone the Multi Agency Referral Unit (MARU) for advice: 0300 123 1116.

You may be concerned about involving services, but contacting the MARU is the first step in organising early help and support when a family is struggling and before any problems become harder to solve. If you have noticed that something is wrong, other people might have noticed something too. A teacher, health visitor or other person that knows the family might have already been in touch and your knowledge might fill in some missing information that can help.

Alternatively, if you have concerns about immediate harm, you should contact the Police on 999 or 101.


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