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Partnership documents

NOTE:  In December 2023, new Working Together guidance was published and we are working to update all of our published Partnership documents ahead of the implementation date of December 2024.

This is a summary of the changes outlined in Working Together to Safeguard Children 2023.

Partnership Agreement

The Partnership Agreement has been revised to reflect the new safeguarding arrangements under the Children Act 2004 and Working Together 2018 Guidance.

Partnership Agreement

Register of Interests

In accordance with OSCP’s Partnership Agreement, a list of pecuniary interests is maintained by the Support Team. Please use the form to register interests.

Register of Interests form

Bitesize guides

The updated guide summarises the work of OSCP

Bitesize guide

Code of Practice

The Code of Practice should be read in conjunction with the partnership agreement and relevant terms of reference, outlines expected standards of practice for OSCP members.


OSCP Complaints Policy and OSCP Procedure

This outlines the criteria for complaints to be considered by Our Safeguarding Children Partnership (OSCP) and how OSCP will deal with such complaints. A  flow chart is included.

The OSCP is only able to consider complaints which fall into one of two categories:

     i) A complaint about OSCP

     ii) A complaint about any aspect of OSCP multi-agency partnership child safeguarding provision

Resolving Professional Differences Policy

Most disagreements can be resolved through discussion and negotiation.

This policy identifies potential areas of disagreement, guidance on preventing disputes and procedures to be followed when disagreements or disputes cannot be resolved through discussion and negotiation between professionals at front line level.

This was formerly referred to as the Escalation Policy.


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