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Learning Lessons Workshop

Three learning lessons workshops are scheduled annually and they provide the opportunity to learn from the experience of local or national reviews or on specific topics or themes. 

The most recent workshop - Domestic Violence and Developmental Trauma took place on June 15th. 

This workshop included a presentation on Domestic Violence and Developmental Trauma with Dr Emanuelle Davison followed by a session with Sarah Milnes and Mel Francis from Safer Futures looking at local services offered by Safer Futures, referral pathways and interventions including the Behaviour Change programme.

Domestic violence is a recurring theme in Serious Case Reviews, Rapid Reviews, and other processes when children have died or been seriously injured. It continuously features in audits of practice across all agencies, and is a current focus of the National Panel. This workshop offered the opportunity for practitioners  to explore the impact of this experience on children and their development.

In addition to the powerpoint slides and recordings of the presentations which are available below, you might also want to have a look at the 7 minute briefing on Domestic Abuse.

Domestic Abuse and Development Trauma Powerpoint Presentations

The next workshop is planned for:

19th October 2021

More details to follow soon.

Previous Workshops

Involving Fathers Across the Partnership took place online on 23rd February 2021 

The workshop was facilitated by Professor Brigid Featherstone, Professor of Social Work and Associate Director, Centre for Applied Childhood, Youth and Family Research, University of Huddersfield and Dr Marion Russell, Head of Service, Practice Development and Safeguarding Standards Service, Cornwall Council.

In recent years a growing body of research has evidenced the importance of fathers in the development of their children. The value of engaging positively with fathers is increasingly clear from research as are the risks of not effectively understanding the roles they can have with their children.

Learning from Rapid Reviews in Cornwall, and the research we have been involved in with the National Panel continues to identify this as an important aspect of our involvement with families across the partnership

This workshop was an opportunity for practitioners working with children and their families in Cornwall to explore the learning from research in the context of local experience and to identify effective ways of working with fathers in all organisation across the partnership.

You are welcome to download the presentation from the workshop using this link Involving Fathers Across the Partnership Presentation

A video of the presentations can be viewed here:

Involving Fathers Across the Partnership 

A recent workshop took place on 20th October 2020 and was an online presentation 'Play Virtual, Live Real' from Sarah Smith of The Breck Foundation. A recording of the session can be seen below. Please note that towards the end of the recording a video is shared which has a 15 certification.

'Play Virtual, Live Real: spotting the signs of online grooming and exploitation'

Please use the book training button for more information and to book your place at this online event

Learning from workshops held over the last 2 years can be found here:

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