NSPCC Graded Care Profile (GCP2) Training update.

OSCP have now signed up to the GCP2 contract with NSPCC and are developing plans for the Train the Trainers sessions, to be booked for Autumn 2022.

A multi-agency steering group has been established to progress this project. We are delighted to have an identified core multi-agency group of nominated trainers ready for the training sessions and we are planning the training dates.

Behind the scenes, appropriate systems and processes will be put in place to enable multi-agency partners to contribute to assessment records. We are keen to ensure a straightforward and accessible route that will enable practitioners to make best use of the GCP2 tool.

OSCP and the Neglect subgroup are excited about this new opportunity and are committed to continuing to use the Graded Care Profile (GCP) across the Partnership.

Further information about the GCP2 implementation, as well as access to resources, will be made available through the OSCP webpages as soon as practicable.


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