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Partnership structure

The structure of Our Safeguarding Children Partnership (OSCP) was reviewed in 2022.

The work of OSCP is achieved through

  1. The Strategic Group of Safeguarding Partners and advisors
  2. The Safeguarding Children Partnership Board, and
  3. The work of the OSCP subgroups. 

OSCP Structure Chart

OSCP Structure Chart

Click to download the OSCP structure chart as a pdf

Strategic Group Membership and OSCP Partnership Board membership

Click to download the OSCP revised structure and membership (draft awaiting approval)

Subgroup Membership Roles




Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Subgroup Kathryn Eccleston (Acting) Sara Ward
Learning Group Jo Davies Wendy Perkin
Missing and Exploitation Group (MEG) Sara Crane Sarah Necke
Neglect Subgroup Julie Saville Liz Allan
Safeguarding Adolescents Subgroup Kate Wilson Julie Saville
Review Group John Clements -
Quality Assurance and Performance (QA&P) Group John Clements Sarah Thayne
Quality Assurance and Scrutiny Panel John Clements Lay Member


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