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OSCP Strategic Group

The Statutory Partners have equal and joint leadership responsibility for local safeguarding arrangements. Statutory Partners take the lead in agreeing the focus of the work of the partnership and business agendas and are accountable for any actions or decisions taken on behalf of their agency. 

The OSCP Strategic Group meets quarterly and is made up of the statutory safeguarding partners and includes other professional advisors as required.  They are expected to work together to consider emerging issues both locally and nationally, ensure mutual responsibilities and progression of issues across a variety of other partnerships such as Safer Cornwall and the Safeguarding Adults Board.  They take responsibility for risk management, budget setting and use of partnership funds and ensure that safeguarding practice developments are evidence-based and informed by research and data.  They also liaise closely with the wider OSCP Partnership Board receiving their recommendations and consulting them
on policy development.

OSCP Strategic Group terms of reference

OSCP Strategic & Partnership Board Membership



Independent Chair John Clements (Chair)
Statutory Safeguarding Partners:
Cornwall Council - Director of Children’s Services Kate Evan-Hughes
Council of the Isles of Scilly - Director of Children’s Services Justine Davies (Vice Chair)
Devon and Cornwall Police:
  • Cornwall Basic Command Unit Commander
Ben Deer 
  • Public Protection Unit Superintendent
Ben Beckerleg
Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Integrated Care Board - Executive Safeguarding Lead Susan Bracefield
Safeguarding Partners (Relevant Agencies):
Cornwall Association of Primary Heads Jonathan Peck
Cornwall Association of Secondary Heads Tina Yardley / David Barton 
Cornwall Council:
  • Service Director for Children and Family Services
Ben Davies
  • Service Director for Education Service and Community Health 
Eveleen Riordan 
Council of the Isles of Scilly Jayne Irvine
Further Education Colleges Lisa Briscoe
Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust / Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust - Executive Safeguarding Lead Kim O’Keeffe
Safer Cornwall Partnership Tamsin Thomas

Active Cornwall (Sport)

Cara Bache-Jeffreys / Tim Marrion

Safeguarding Partners (Participant Observers):
Cornwall Council - Lead Member for Children’s Services Barbara Ellenbroek
Council of the Isles of Scilly - Lead Member for Children’s Services Joel Williams
Lay Member on Quality Assurance and Scrutiny Panel Vacant
Sub-Group Chairs:
Child Sexual Abuse Group Vacant 
Safeguarding Adolescents Group Kate Wilson 
Learning Group Jo Davies
Missing and Sexual Exploitation Group Jim Saunders 
Neglect Group Julie Saville
Quality Assurance and Performance Group John Clements
Review Group John Clements

Advisors to the Board:

  • Designated Nurse for Safeguarding Children - Sarah Pulley
  • Board Manager – Vicky Rhodes
  • Legal Advisor - Sarah Jopling


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