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Intra-familial Child Sexual Abuse

CCSA centre logo This new, short, introductory eLearning course on Identifying and responding to intra-familial child sexual abuse from the Centre for Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse is designed to help those in social work, policing, education, healthcare and beyond to recognise when children might be showing them that something is wrong and understand how to help.

The course is designed for anyone working with children to understand what intra-familial child sexual abuse is, provide guidance on how to identify concerns and build knowledge and confidence in how to respond to support both children and their wider family.

Victims and survivors of intra-familial child sexual abuse can and do recover from their abuse, especially when supported by professionals who show care and compassion, facilitate choice, control and safety, and are trained to best support them and their wider families.

The introductory course takes just 90 minutes to complete, is entirely free and consists of three engaging modules, with interactive tasks, video explainers and a final assessment. It’s designed for professionals at all stages of their career; for those new to safeguarding, or as a helpful refresher.

Gain confidence in your understanding of intra-familial child sexual abuse today – and get your certificate – using the link below.

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