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Ofsted Big Listen children’s survey. Ofsted want to hear from you!

The Big Listen is a survey from Ofsted.

Their job is to check that you get the best possible education and that you are kept safe.

They do that by visiting schools, colleges, children's homes, nurseries and many other organisations to check on how well they are helping you. An Ofsted visit can last a few days. Inspectors will talk to staff and children to find out what’s going on in the school, care home, nursery or other organisation. In a school, this will involve sitting in lessons and finding out what is taught at the school. The inspector will also check that the school, care home, nursery or other organisation is meeting rules that the government has set. At the end of an inspection, the inspector will write a report about it.
Ofsted want your help.

They are busy asking the whole country how they can improve, with their ‘Big Listen’. And they are very keen to hear from you. They want you to have the chance to tell them what you think and how they can do their job better.

The questions are short and it will only take 5 minutes to answer them.

There is more information for children of primary and secondary school age (up to 18 years old) available here.

Ofsted also want to hear from teachers and other educators, parents, carers, employers and social workers – those people can also access the survey here

Ofsted Big Listen - GOV.UK (


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