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Past Lunch and Learn and training events

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SAB Annual Conference recordings are available here

SAB training and development workshops


CIoS SAB Exploitation Workshop(Feb 2023) 

Making Safeguarding Personal Lunch and Learn(Nov 2022)

Domestic Abuse, Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences - Older People Focus (March 2022)

Thanks to Anna Moss and Vanessa Fudge for delivering this session that considered the learning points below - the recording will be made available here soon.

  • Trauma – definitions, prevalence and impact
  • Trauma Informed Approaches – avoiding re-traumatization and consideration of own practice
  • Changes in older adulthood that might impact on trauma responses
  • The dynamics of Domestic Abuse, why older people could be at higher risk of Coercive Control and the barriers to leaving
  • Trauma, Dementia and Domestic Abuse
  • Learning from Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs) involving older people
  • Engaging and Supporting older people around Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence


Dual Diagnosis (August 2021) - Thanks to the Joint Commissioning Systems Optimisation Group (JCSOG) and Phil Harris for permission to share a recording of the session on Dual Diagnosis, exploring the complexities of drug and alcohols use by people experiencing poor mental health. 

Mental Capacity Act 2005 Slide presentation (2021)


Self-neglect Lunch and Learn slide presentation and bitesize guide (Mar 2020)

Hoarding Fire and Rescue Service slide presentation, bitesize guide and clutter scale (Jan 2020)


Self-neglect policy and best practice guidance Bitesize guidepolicy  slide presentation (Nov 2019)


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