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2023: 'Do not ignore the signs' Tri-Partnership conference

On the 11th October, 2023, Safer Cornwall, Our Safeguarding Children’s Partnership and Safeguarding Adults Board held the tri-partnership conference domestic abuse and sexual violence conference; ‘Do not ignore the signs’. 

Keynote from Domestic Abuse Commissioner:

Intro to male violence against women and girls – the root causes, systemic gender injustice and institutional misogyny:

Teaching boys and young men about healthy relationships – confronting misogyny and violent pornography:

Healthy Relationships: Young People Cornwall (YPC) work with young men in Truro:

Healthy relationships alliance (Women’s Aid, Safer Futures and Brook) in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly:

Lived experience of healthy relationships education in schools:

7c Lived experience of healthy relationships education in schools – Marie and Natalie

Falmouth University creative advertising – behaviour change and healthy relationships:

7d Falmouth University creative advertising – Lucy Cokes

Question and Answer session:

Over 60s in CIoS affected by DASV – Making a difference project with Age UK and TWCC. Promoting healthy relationships for all ages plus

CIoS DASV Primary Care service pilot – successful collaborative model with Safer Futures and GPs:

Safer Futures Healthy Foundations programme for all adults who have not received HR education at school – all ages 18+:


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