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Operation Aidant 6th – 17th Sept 2021 Devon& Cornwall Police

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking is
happening every day across the UK, affecting
people of all ages, genders, and nationalities.
Some estimates suggest that as many as
136,000 people in the UK are trapped in modern
slavery. 10,613 potential victims of modern
slavery were submitted to the UK’s National
Referral Mechanism (NRM) in 2020, 48% were
adults, 47% children and 34% UK nationals.

What is Modern Slavery?
Modern slavery is a serious crime that violates
human rights, encompassing slavery, servitude,
forced or compulsory labour, and human
trafficking for the purpose of exploitation. Victims
are forced, threatened, coerced or deceived into
situations of subjugation, degradation, abuse
and exploitation, which undermine their personal
identity and sense of self. Having little choice in
what happens to them, they often suffer violence
or threats towards their families. Human
trafficking victims include those transported
around the UK into exploitative situations.
Modern slavery causes extreme health
inequalities and disproportionately affects
people in more vulnerable circumstances.

For more information about how you can spot the signs and what to do if you suspect a person is a victim of modern slavery follow this link and here for further resources.


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Check this diary of upcoming events, local and national  campaigns compiled and maintained by the SAB, OSCP and Safer Cornwall working in partnership to support safeguarding in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. if you have any dates you think should be included please get in touch with the details 


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