Stopping Me Seeing the People I Love.’ -Dilemmas in Exploitation and Adolescence.

In a ground-breaking approach to exploring child sexual exploitation (CSE) let UsefulPsychology take you into the very heart of the experience. Exploring alternative solutions to the complex challenges of CSE in practice with adolescents, we use theatre, nuggets of useful psychology, and most importantly, you.

Sally Crooks, theatre maker, comedian and counsellor (Trifle Gathering Productions), and Dr Emily Jane, psychologist and attachment and trauma specialist, (UsefulPsychology) bring you a whole day of wonderment.

This is a chance to explore and share experiences from the coal face leaving with increased understanding and empathy for yourself, those you work with, and tools for professional practice.

‘Everyone should do it’ –Youth worker,

Inspirational training experience’ - Community Nurse.

 ‘Best Training I’ve been on!’ - Social Worker.


November 2021

Date Time Duration Location Places Available  
17/11/2021 09:30-16:30 1 Day online. Invitation with Microsoft Teams link will be sent out 13 Book