Learning Lessons Workshop- Domestic Violence and Developmental Trauma

This online learning lessons workshop will include sessions on Domestic Violence and Developmental Trauma with Dr Emannuelle Davison followed by a session on with Sarah Milnes and Mel Francis from Safer Futures looking at local services offered by Safer Futures , referral pathways and interventions which includes the Behaviour Change programme.

Domestic violence is a recurring theme in Serious Case Reviews, Rapid Reviews, and other processes when children have died or been seriously injured. It continuously features in audits of practice across all agencies, and is a current focus of the National Panel. This workshop offers the opportunity for practitioners  to explore the impact of this experience on children and their development.

Dr Davison is a senior clinical psychologist working at Exeter Child Development Centre. She has been highly recommended by colleagues who have said that she is without a doubt one of the most impactive professionals they ever listened to.

There are currently no dates for this event.